84432 1/10 R/C TRF102 Chassis Kit Black Edition

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Tamiya 84432 1/10 R/C TRF102 Chassis Kit Black Edition

This is a " BLACK EDITION" of the TRF102 Formula One Chassis kit. All the aluminum parts are anodized in black, whereas the original kit was anodized in the world- famous Tamiya Blue.

The TRF102 is the second-generation high-performance Formula One chassis designed by Tamiya's elite designers. This iteration is a revolution! The kit features a number of changes to provide superior performance especially with rubber tire applications and outdoor track use. Both the front and rear of the car have been redesigned to fully utilize the flexibility of the chassis, with the effect of excellent road holding and response.
Key Design Points:

The New T-Bar design provides a progressive roll damping effect superior to that offered by the spring-actuated side links on the TRF101. The roll point ball has been placed in as low a position as possible, in order to maximize damping effect. 2 thicknesses of T- bar (1.5mm and 1.8mm) are included.

The brand-new pitch axle gives vastly improved, independent pitch damping, letting the chassis deal much more smoothly with undulating surfaces.

Servo mount screws are attached closer together on the lower deck. This, in combination with the floating battery mount, allows greater expression of lower deck flexibility, giving the feeling of greater stroke at the front of the car. A new servo stiffener keeps the servo firmly in place.

Slits are cut into the lower deck to further enhance its flexibility.

The roll damper has been moved closer to the lower deck, giving a more compact rear and contributing to the chassis' low center of gravity.

-TRF102 Carbon Lower (2.5mm Thick) & Upper (2.0mm Thick) Decks
-TRF102 Aluminum Motor Mount
-F104 Low-Friction Suspension Balls
-Reinforced Carbon Reinforced Plastic Front Suspension Arms
-TRF102 T-Bar Rear Suspension
- Adjustable Metal Upright Set
- Integrated Diff Plate/Carbon Rear Shaft
- TRF102 Aluminum Servo Stay
- 1.5mm & 1.8mm T-bars
- Hi-Torque Servo Saver
- TRF Damper

Product Specifications (Specifications subject to change):

- Type Detail
- Scale 1/10
- Construction type Assembly kit
- Terrain use On-Road
- Drive-train 2WD RWD
- Drive type Pinion to spur gear
- Drive line Solid axle
- Differential type Ball pressure plate
- Suspension Front kingpin coil spring independent suspension/solid axle rear
- Steering mechanism Direct servo
- Shock damper Oil-filled damper
- Shock damper material Aluminum
- Tire type Not included
- Tire tread N/A
- Body material Not included
- Chassis material Carbon fiber plate
- Electronic Speed Control (ESC) Not included
- ESC model N/A
- LED Light buckets No
- LED lights No
- Motor Not included
- Bearings Flourine-Coated Ball Bearings
- Adjustable camber Fixed
- Adjustable toe angles Front only
- Adjustable ground clearance Yes
- Adjustable gear ratio Yes
- Adjustable wheelbase Fixed
- Adjustable track width Fixed
- Adjustable shock angle Yes
- Special feature 1 TRF102 Carbon Lower (2.5mm Thick) & Upper (2.0mm Thick) Decks
- Special feature 2 TRF102 Carbon Lower (2.5mm Thick) & Upper (2.0mm Thick) Decks
- Special feature 3 F104 Low-Friction Suspension Balls
- Special feature 4 Reinforced Carbon Reinforced Plastic Front Suspension Arms
- Special feature 5 TRF102 T-Bar Rear Suspension
- Special feature 6 Adjustable Metal Upright Set included
- Special feature 7 Integrated Diff Plate/Carbon Rear Shaft
- Special feature 8 TRF102 Aluminum Servo Stay
- Special feature 9 1.5mm & 1.8mm T-bars
- Special feature 10 Aluminum parts come in black.
- Requires A 2-channel radio gear
- Requires B Polycarbonate paint
- Requires C 7.2 battery & charger


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T53709 Fluorine Coated Sus. Ball 4x Kaufen + Details
T53825 53825 TB EVO IV Aufh.Achse 2,6mm Kaufen + Details
T53827 53827 Halter Stabi-Gestänge Kaufen + Details
T53878 Off-Road Micr.Pin Reifen vo --> REST Kaufen + Details
T53906 Sechskant Kugelk.verb.5x5mm Kaufen + Details
T53907 Sechskant Kugelk.verb.5x8mm Kaufen + Details
T53917 Achsaufhängung Titan 2,6mm Kaufen + Details
T53918 TRF Dämpfer V-Teile m2x Kaufen + Details
T53964 Zahnr.16Z/17Z 48 P.Mod 501X Kaufen + Details
T53968 Kugelkopfverb. 5x 501X Kaufen + Details
T53646 Rad-distanzscheibe blau Kaufen + Details
T53636 Federn Ultra Hart Kaufen + Details
T53635 Federn Super Hart Kaufen + Details
T53500 C.Joint F.Assy Univ. SH. Kaufen + Details
T53575 TRF Dämpfer Kolbenstange 4 Kaufen + Details
T53576 TRF Dämpferdichtung (4) Kaufen + Details
T53585 Distanzscheibe-Sort.3mm .3x10mm Kaufen + Details
T53601 L.Fric.(8)Einstellstück 5mm Kaufen + Details
T53602 Spannachsenschlüssel Kaufen + Details
T53630 Federnset Onroad (soft) Kurz Kaufen + Details
T53631 Federnset Onroad (mittel) Kurz Kaufen + Details
T53632 Federnset Onroad (Hart) Kurz Kaufen + Details
T53633 Federnset Onroad (Extra Hart) Kurz Kaufen + Details
T53969 Kugelkopfverb.8mm Kaufen + Details
T54023 Einw.diff Zahnr.37Z.DB-01 Kaufen + Details
T54027 Belag Rutschkupp.DB-01 Kaufen + Details
T54696 TRF Querlenkerhalter 1A geteilt Kaufen + Details
T54697 TRF Querlenkerhalter 05D geteilt Kaufen + Details
T54699 TRF Querlenkerhalter 05F geteilt Kaufen + Details
T54700 TRF Querlenkerhalter 05G geteilt Kaufen + Details
T54701 54701 TRF Querlenkerhalter 05E einteilig Kaufen + Details
T54702 54702 TRF Querlenkerhalter 05F einteilig Kaufen + Details
T54703 TRF Querlenkerhalter 05G einteilig Kaufen + Details
T54878 54878 Upgrade Set für TRF Super Short Kaufen + Details
T54879 54879 TRF 419 Alu Abtriebe Starrer Kaufen + Details
T54921 54921 Blades verstärkt (2) für 54879 Kaufen + Details
T54573 Alu Distanzscheiben 0,75mm blau (8) Kaufen + Details
T54480 Sep Sus Mnt Set Spacer 0,1mm *4 Kaufen + Details
T54479 Sep Sus Mnt Set Spacer 0,5mm *4 Kaufen + Details
T54028 Dämpfer TRF Buggy Kaufen + Details
T54034 D-Teile Karbonverst.DB-01 Kaufen + Details
T54145 Schaumstofframmer TB-03 Kaufen + Details
T54247 Alu Li/Re-Gewindestangen 3x18mm (2) blau Kaufen + Details
T54248 Alu Li/Re-Gewindestangen 3x23mm (2) blau Kaufen + Details
T54249 Alu Li/Re-Gewindestangen 3x32mm (2) blau Kaufen + Details
T54250 Alu Li/re-Gewindestangen3x42mm (2) blau Kaufen + Details
T54418 Silikon Diff.Öl #500.000 Viskosität -->R Kaufen + Details
T54419 Silikon Diff.Öl #100.000 Visko Kaufen + Details
T54430 Doppelseitiges Kelbeband f. Schaumstoffr Kaufen + Details
T9805899 Distanzring 0,5mm (MC9x5) Kaufen + Details
T42247 Tamiya Sperrknete Kaufen + Details
T42206 TRF VG Differenzial-Öl Visko #600 -->RES Kaufen + Details
T42209 TRF VG Differenzial-Öl Visko #1200 -->RE Kaufen + Details
T42211 TRF VG Differenzial-Öl Visko #2000 -->RE Kaufen + Details
T42212 TRF VG Differenzial-Fett Kaufen + Details
T49300 TRF/TAxx Drucklager 620 (1)-Rest Kaufen + Details
T42214 TRF Dämpfer X-Ringe 50DM(8)f.Silikon-Öl Kaufen + Details
T42306 TRF Big Bore Federn-Set (3x2 w/m/h) Kaufen + Details
T42263 42263 TRF Alu Motorritzel 33 Z/M0.4 Kaufen + Details
T51104 D-Parts Kaufen + Details
T42250 TRF Schrauberunterlage L 1250x600x4mm Kaufen + Details
T42249 Alu. Drct. Servo Horn Sanwa/Ko Kaufen + Details
T42221 TRF Verbinder-Set D-Kardan (2) Kaufen + Details
T42248 Alu. Drct. Servo Horn Tamiya/Futaba Kaufen + Details
T42246 TRF Sticker C (Mirror Finish Border / Bl Kaufen + Details
T42264 42264 TRF Alu Motorritzel 34 Z/M0.4 Kaufen + Details
T42198 TRF/DN/DB Buggy Dämpfer Set HL Aeration Kaufen + Details
T42128 VG Joint & Cup Grease Kaufen + Details
T42186 TRF Steckschlüssel Kugelpfanne 5mm ver. Kaufen + Details
T42193 TRF Tungsten Kugeln (8) f. Drucklag. 620 Kaufen + Details
T42129 TRF VG O-Ring/Dämpferfett (3g) Kaufen + Details
T42102 TRF Dämpfer Set Kaufen + Details
T54131 Front Upright DB01 WO Ass. Kaufen + Details
T9808023 Alu SPacer 1 mm blau (5) 42162 TRF416x Kaufen + Details
T54141 DB-01 Querlenker V/u Kaufen + Details
T54015 Achse vorne DB-01 Kaufen + Details
T51282 X-Teile TRF DB02/TRF201 Kaufen + Details
T42115 TRF Kugellager (2Stk)1510/BQ Flour.42138 Kaufen + Details
T53527 Titan Spann-Achse (2) 3x32mm Kaufen + Details
T54669 DB02/TRF Alu Felgenmit. (2) hinten blau Kaufen + Details
T54668 DB02/TRF Alu Felgenmit. (2) vorn blau Kaufen + Details
T54345 DB02 Carbon Reinforced A Parts (Gear Cas Kaufen + Details
T54074 TB-03 Sus.Mount 1F Kaufen + Details
T54072 TB-03 Sus.Mount 1D Kaufen + Details
T54075 TB-03 F.C.Ball Head King Pin Kaufen + Details
T54070 TB-03 Sus.Mount 1B Kaufen + Details
T54069 TB-03 Sus.Mount 1A Kaufen + Details
T54067 TB-03 Sus.Mount 1XA Kaufen + Details
T54071 TB-03 Sus.Mount 1C Kaufen + Details
T53124 Kugeldiff 3mm . Kaufen + Details
T54580 Achsschenkelhalter 4° verstärkt (2) Kaufen + Details
T42282 TRF Radmutern 4mm geriffelt (8) schwarz Kaufen + Details
T42143 Alu Mutter 4 mm geriffelt blau Kaufen + Details
T53475 Dish-Felgen (4) Schmal 24mm Kaufen + Details
T53573 TRF Dämpferkolben(4) 3 Loch Kaufen + Details
T42259 5mm O-Ring G Diff Red*8 Kaufen + Details
T54257 TRF Kugelpfannen 5mm verstärkt grau Kaufen + Details
T53640 Kugelmutter 5mm (Blau) Kaufen + Details
T50875 Kugelkopf-Satz 5mm Kaufen + Details
T54546 C-Halter 6° verst./Aufh. drehbar #53928 Kaufen + Details
T54602 TA06 Alu Abdeckung Kegel-Differential Kaufen + Details
T53334 TA07 V-Teile Dämpfer kurz Kaufen + Details
T54420 TRF/XV01 2,6x5mm Titan Schrauben (5) Kaufen + Details
T54217 TRF201 Motorritzel 22/23 Z 48Pitch (1+1) Kaufen + Details
T54218 TRF201 Motorritzel 24/25 Z 48 Pitch (1+1 Kaufen + Details
T54077 Rear Swing Shaft 44mm LW Kaufen + Details
T42216 TRF 44mm Doppelkardanwelle (2) Kaufen + Details
T54078 Swing Shaft 44mm Kaufen + Details
T42195 TRF Kugellager 1060 (2) Flourine besch. Kaufen + Details
T54211 TRF201/511/DB-01 Heckspoiler-Set (2) Kaufen + Details
T42168 1/10 TRF On TC Federn kurz schwarz (3) Kaufen + Details
T47306 TRF Klebeband 15mmx50m Glasfaserv. SW Kaufen + Details
T54691 TRF419X D-Teile (2) Querlenker vo/hi Kaufen + Details
T54692 TRF419X E-Teile (2) Achsschenkel (2) hi. Kaufen + Details
T54219 TRF201 Hauptzahnrad 77 Z 48Pitch/M0,6 Kaufen + Details
T54262 TRF201 Kugeldiff.-Zahnrad-Set Kaufen + Details
T42194 TRF/FF03 3/32' Keramik Kugeln (12) Diff. Kaufen + Details
T9805681 Achse 3x48,5mm Kaufen + Details
T51253 TA07 B-Teile (58371) Kaufen + Details
T51333 E-Teile TRF 416 Kaufen + Details
T51332 C-Teile TRF 416 Kaufen + Details
T54031 TRF416 C-hubs Kaufen + Details
T51445 TRF417/416 Radachse/Halbkarda Kaufen + Details
T54425 TRF417 G Diffabtrieb II Stahl Kegeldiff. Kaufen + Details
T51444 TRF417 Kreuzverbinder Kardan Kaufen + Details
T51442 TRF417 Druckplatte Kugel-Diff. Kaufen + Details
T53928 Aufhängung TRF417 Kaufen + Details
T54569 TRF418 D-Teile Querlenker (1+1) Carb. Kaufen + Details
T54570 TRF418 E-Teile Achsschenkel hi. (2) Carb Kaufen + Details
T54568 TRF418 C-Teil Achsschenkel Carb. ver. (2 Kaufen + Details
T51569 TRF419 Zahnriemen vorn 171Z (1) Kaufen + Details
T51567 51567 TA08/TRF Kegelrad Set f. Öl-Diff. Kaufen + Details
T51574 TRF419 Carbon Chassis 2,25mm (1) Kaufen + Details
T51570 TRF419 Zahnriemen hinten 61Z (1) Kaufen + Details
T51572 TRF419 Carb. Dämpferbrücke hin. (1) 3,5 Kaufen + Details
T51573 TRF419 Carbon Oberdeck 2mm (1) Kaufen + Details
T51280 V-Teile TRF 501X,DB02 -->REST Kaufen + Details
T53974 TRF 501X Setting Spring-Set Kaufen + Details
T51438 TRF502X Zahnrad-Satz Kugel-D Kaufen + Details
T54329 DB01/TRF511 Kegeldifferenzial-Set 37 Z Kaufen + Details
T42281 TRF418/417/TB04 Stabi-Set vo./hi. (3+3) Kaufen + Details
T51093 TA07 BA11 Achse Kaufen + Details
T51536 TRF417 V5 3,5mm Blades f. Halbwellen Kaufen + Details
T54062 Pinion 48 Pitsch 13T 14T 15T Kaufen + Details
T42109 TRF Kugellager 840 Flour. Deck Kaufen + Details
T54648 TRF419/TB-04 Stabi.-Kugelkopf-Set Fl. Kaufen + Details

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