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Multiplex 73030 POWER-MULTIlight

Some like it bright! The POWER- MULTIlight is the first choice when you wish to fit out your model aircraft with a more realistic lighting system. The switchable landing light, navigation and anti-collision lights endow your model with a highly authentic look. The nine ultra-bright 8 mm LEDs are pre-wired (cable length per LED 1 m) and fitted with connectors, making installation very easy.

The POWER-MULTIlight is suitable for power models of around 1300 mm wingspan or larger, 500-size helicopters and larger, and model jets.The following functions can be switched from the RC system transmitter.

1. Everything OFF

2. Navigation lights and anti-collision light ON

3. Navigation lights, anti-collision light and landing light ON

All functions are permanently ON if the system is connected directly to a power source.

If you wish to control the lighting system from the transmitter, a three-position switch and one free channel are required. Compatible with all RC systems.

- Nine LEDs, completely pre-wired: 2 x white double-flash, 2 x flashing red, 2 x white landing light, 1 x constant red, 1 x constant green, 1 x constant white

- Landing light and position lights can be switched on and off from the transmitter

- Low weight

- Ultra-bright LEDs

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