GR-7SF 2.4GHz Reciever with 3X Gyro Futaba S-FHSS compatibel

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GR-7SF 2.4GHz receiver with 3X Gyro S-FHSS compatible D-Power GR7SF

D-Power G-R7SF 2.4GHz receiver with 3X gyro
Futaba S-FHSS compatible

The new receiver with 3-axis gyro-function from the D-Power series is fully compatible with the Robbe / Futaba S-FHSS technology.
The integrated 3-axis gyro supports the cross, height and rudder function. Of course, models with 2 ailerons, Delta and V-tail function can be operated. The mixers are simply activated with a small integrated switch. The gyro sensitivity can be adjusted steplessly on all 3 axes.
The gyro function can be activated or deactivated with a switch via channel 5.
Manufactured to the latest standards, the G-R7SF receiver has a failsafe function.

- Mode selection: Mixer off, Delta mixer, V-tail mixer, Aileron mixer (2 servos)
- Mode combination: V-tail mixer + aileron mixer (2 servos)
- Separate, simple gyro sensitivity setting for cross, height and rudder

The G-R7SF receiver is compatible with most Futaba 2.4GHz S-FHSS transmitters, such as: T4YF, T6J, T6K, T8J, T10J, T14SG, T18MZ, T18SZ.

Technical specifications:
- Voltage range: 3.6 - 8.5 V
- Weight: 16g
- Channels: 7
- Dimensions: 55 x 32 x 14 mm

- Receiver 7 Channel S-FHSS
- Pen

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