R4FA, R- 4FA - 2.4 GHz Reciever FASST compatible

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D-Power,R4FA, R- 4FA - 2.4 GHz Reciever FASST compatible

The new recipient from the D-Power series are fully compatible with the Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology. You get the receiver in four variants from 4 to14 channels.
After the latest standards manufactured, the R4FA has a failsafe function.
The guaranteed range is between 1800 to 2000 meters. This information has been confirmed by measurements of a well-known engineer in Germany.

The D-Power R-4FA, R-6FA, R-8FA and R-14FA 2.4GHz receivers are compatible with most Futaba 2.4GHz transmitters, e.g .: 3 PM,3PKS,3VCS,3GR,4PK (S), TM7, TM8, TM10, TM14 or T6EX 2.4G, 7C 2.4G T8FG, T10CG, T12FG, T14SG, T18MZ

Technical specifications

- Voltage: 4.0 - 8.4V
- Weight: 7g
- Channels: 4
- Dimensions: 41 x 21 x 8 mm

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