3097, Wind deflector MX Transmitter

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Graupner, 3097, Wind deflector MX-Transmitter

Wind deflector for handheld transmitter mx-12, mx-16, mx-22, X-347, X-388, X-3810
The wind deflector has been ergonomically designed for handheld transmitters in the mx and X series. It protects both the transmitter and the hands against the effects of weather such as wind, snowfall or light rain. At low outside temperatures and in icy winds, all controls are easily visible and accessible in the fully protected interior, ensuring accurate and precise control. Velcro fasteners and 2 zip fasteners make for easy installation and ideal fixing of the transmitter inside the wind deflector. The deflector impresses with a watertight base, quilted heat-insulating side sections and a soft transparent top section.
70% cotton, 30% polyester
70% cotton, 30% polyester

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