FT4108 FT Sportster Speed Build Kit WR

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Graupner FT4108 FT Sportster Speed Build Kit WR

The Sportster

The FT Sportster is available as 4 channel sport airplane, perfect for both beginners and experienced pilots. The Sportster means fun for both the beginner looking to get into 4 channel flight, and also the advanced looking to reenact the classic barnstormer maneuvers from the past.
The Sportster is a pack animal and it does not like to fly alone. Also,let your friends grab one and start the fun.

The special under chambered wing form provides maximum stability even at lowest speed. The Sportster is extremely agile and performs the most classical and advanced maneuvers. If you remove the landing gear you will be able to hand-launch the FT Sportster. Search a field with smooth grass and perform lazy touch-and-goes.

The Sportster is very stable and forgives small errors. It makes this model perfect as training airplane model.

The kit

The Flite Test Sportster kit includes all the construction parts of the model. All the parts are made of the lightweight and stable FT Foam Board. The laser-cut parts are very precise. Though the paper cover the parts can be individually customized and painted. The Sportster has a weight of 430 grams only, without RC components, and a wingspan of 990 mm.

Recommended Accessories

For this Flite Test model we recommend a 6-channel transmitter, e.g. the Graupner mz-12. You gain maximum range and controll using the GR-12 receiver. Benefit from the favourable price of the Radio Control Set mz-12 with the GR-12L (No. S1002.12). The ESC Brushless Control SBEC with Telemetrie (No. 33718.XT60), completed with four digital Servos DES 281 (No. 7905) perfectly fit this model. Gain the maximum performance using the Brushless Motor ULTRA 2812 (No. S7056) and a 10 x 5 S- Prop (No. 2944.10X5). More recommendations below.

In Graupner Onlineshop you can find, exclusively for Europe, a wide choice of Flite Test models, accessories and merchandise. Discover the full range about RC models and model sport.

Product characteristics:

- Kit made of solid, water- resistant FT WR Foam Board
- Swappable Series
- Exciting flight characteristics
- Ideal with Power Pack C, Fixed Wing Large


Included in the package:

- Laser-cut FT Foam Board frame
- Swappable RC core
- Firewall
- Many small parts

Recommended Accessories:

- FT Power Pack C, Fixed Wing Large (No. FT4505)
- Radio Control mz-12 HoTT, GB, 6 Channels (No. S1002.77)
- Receiver GR-12 HoTT (No. 33506) or Receiver GR-12 + 3x Gyro HoTT (No. 33576)
- Servo digital DES 281 BB MG 11 mm (No. 7905)
- Brushless Motor ULTRA 2812 (No. S7056)
- ESC Brushless Control, T35, XT-60 (No. 33735.XT60)
- Y - Cabel SJ 0.3 qmm, 200 mm (No. S8189)
- Servo Extension Cable 0.16 qmm (No. S8150)
- Linkage Stopper (No. 1177.2)
- S-PROP 10 x 5 Inch (No. 2944.10X5)
- Power Pack LiPo 3S / 2200 mAh (No. 78122.3)
- Charger Ultramat 14 plus, Li, Pb, Ni (No. 6464)

- Weight [g]: 430 g
- Wingspan [mm]: 990 mm
- Brand: Flite Test
- Version: Construction Kit
- Assembly needed?: ja
- Suitable for FT Power Pack: Power Pack C, Fixed Wing Large

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