Micro Cessna L-19 Kit wingspan: 445mm

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Micro Cessna L-19 wooden kit Sp.445mm

The Micro Cessna is a small, super-light squat-wing model which can be flown very well indoors or outdoors. The model is quick and easy to assemble and is a pleasant alternative to foam models. The model can be covered with thin foil or paper as desired, or (if you want it to be particularly light) painted directly with a brush (e.g. with watercolours, or paint box).

Product description:
- Wooden kit (laser cut)
- All wooden parts included
- Small parts, linkages
- Richly illustrated instructions

Technical data:
- Wing span: 445mm
- Length: 320mm
- Weight: 35-50g ready to fly
- R/C functions: Rudder and elevator, motor

Optional accessories (recommended)
- MASTER servo DS208, C7215 x2
- LiPo battery FliteZone 250-3,7V C6107
- Brushless drive set Micro C3743
- Remote control GigaProp 6 C7013

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