FMS DHC-2 Beaver PNP 200cm

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FMS Beaver V2 PNP - 200 cm - Combo incl. Reflex Gyro System

Item number: DPFMS090P-REF
Item code: 4251014711574

With a wingspan of 2 meters, a weight of only 3800 g and a thrust of over 5 kg, the FMS Beaver V2 is a trainer with astonishingly good-natured flight characteristics - a weekend flier with STOL skills and, surprisingly, also an aerobatic powerhouse.

Built-in powerful brushless drive
The Beaver V2 is equipped with a powerful external rotor with 550KV. Both the motor and the 70A controller are installed in the model ready to fly.

Installed servos with metal gears
Six digital metal gear servos are installed and wired in the model. You control the model via height, rudder, ailerons and landing flaps.

Integrated lighting
The flight model is equipped with built-in navigation lights and landing lights and gives the model the last touch of realism.

Scale details
The Beaver V2 from FMS has beautiful scale details that make the model look even more realistic. But the Beaver also provides a prototypical flight image in the air and during take-offs and landings.

Drag coupling and float optional
A tow coupling for towing gliders and a float set for take-offs and landings on water and snow are optionally available.

Quick assembly
With the new Multi-Connect technology, the wings can be dismantled without pulling cables apart thanks to the plug-in system. This simplifies and accelerates the assembly or disassembly of the surfaces and is therefore quickly transportable. The model is made entirely of robust and lightweight EPO52 rigid foam material. Small damage can thus be repaired in seconds with superglue.

- Multi-Connect technology for quick assembly
- light EPO-52 rigid foam construction
- robust metal landing gear - also for rough landings
- oversized tires for almost any surface
- NEW new wheels with ball bearings minimize the rolling resistance and increase the service life of the tires
- built-in LED navigation lights and landing lights
- Landing flaps for excellent slow flight characteristics
- Large battery compartment for 6S batteries and up to 15 minutes of flight time
- Can be optionally upgraded with floats
- Optional tow release available
- screwed construction, no gluing necessary
- Richly illustrated, German-language assembly instructions

Reflex stabilization system (included in this set)
This set includes a reflex system specially programmed for this aircraft. This electronic stabilization system was developed to support the pilot with control commands, but not to disturb them. The reflex system works with both PPM and SBUS inputs and works natively with all common remote control systems. If the reflex system is assigned to a 3-channel switch, you can choose between 3 different modes:
- Stabilized mode: When you let go of the control sticks, the model is automatically brought into a neutral flight position, which offers beginners and inexperienced pilots a lot of security in dangerous situations.
- Optimized mode: The gyro system of the reflex system counteracts external influences such as gusts of wind or cross winds and keeps the model precisely in a stable position.
- Off: The reflex system can be switched off completely.
The reflex system is specially set for this flight model. No further programming is required, only the installation and connection in the model has to be carried out. The reflex system can be connected to all receivers with at least 4 channels.

Technical specifications:
- Span approx .: 2000 mm
- Body length approx .: 1304 mm
- Wing volume: 53.3 dm²
- All-up weight approx .: 3800 g
- Center of gravity: 70 - 75 mm
- Motor: Brushless 4258 (550KV)
- Controller: Brushless 70 A
- Servos: 6x digital 17g MG
- Propeller: 15 x 9 "
- Construction: EPO 52
- Assembly time approx .: 35 min.
- Flight time approx .: 8 - 15 min.

Required accessories
- Remote control: at least 5 channels
- Receiver: at least 5 channels
- Batteries: 6S LiPo 4000-5000mAh (22.2V)
- charger

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