Pilatus-B4 3.00m D-Box Biaxial

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Pilatus-B4 3.00m D-Box Biaxial
The Pilatus B4 was produced in Switzerland in whole metal construction. About 300 copies of this pattern were built. We offer you the Pilatus on scale 1: 5 and in fully composite construction. The model has a high degree of manufac- turing and contains all necessary parts for the construction of the model.
Technical specifications:
- Wing span: 3000mm
- Height of the guide: 600mm
- Length: 1375mm
- Folding profile: RG14
- Height guide profile: NACA 009
- Wing area: 58.6 dm2
- Height control surface: 6,9 dm2
- Weight: 2800g
- Surface load: 47.8 g / dm2
- Number of functions: 4-5 (H + S + Q + L) and optional drag coupling

Power Sets:
- Futaba 3150 (6pcs.)
- KST SET EUR169.50
- D-Power analog set 2x AS-340BB MG, 4x AS-840BB MG EUR105,50
- D-Power Digitalset 2x DS-340BB MG, 4x DS-840BB MG EUR127.50

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